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Secondary operation of PPS
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Cutting operation
For high stiffness and surface strength, and low elongation rate of PPS, the cutting speed should be reduced (150-250 cm/s), and the inlet angle is about 10º. If the speed is too fast, the notch is obtained in cutting surface and lead to formation of cracking. It can be grinding and polishing as metal. When it is machining, the superhard cutter such as tungsten carbide blade should be applied. If the distortion and dimensional discrepancy of product are occurred when cutting operation, it is better to do anneal treatment for product before cutting.

Threading operation
It must pay attention to the threading position when do threading operation of PPS product. It should be considered that the elongation rate and flow direction of resin. The strength is weak at the edge position and the seamline section where the reinforced glass fiber not cross. Comparing to steel plate, the threading depth of PPS should be one grade bigger, as 3-4 time of screw diameter. And the product made with high holding strength can be obtained.

Ultrasonic bonding
There is no effective adhesive for PPS resin used in elevated temperature. Satisfied result can be achieved by ultrasonic bonding.
During ultrasonic bonding, bad bonding can be occurred if the pressure and amplitude of ultrasonic generator is too low. But crack is obtained if that is too high. Through the energy leader, discrete and granular junction located in the product, optimal effect can be achieved in short time by high-energy fusing bond.
The ultrasonic bonding of product by low temperature mould is better than that of high temperature.

Bonding with Adhesives
A variety of adhesives including epoxy, and cyanoacrylate can be used to bond PPS parts. The bonding surfaces should be cleaned by ultrasonic wave or abraded by abrasive paper, and demould agent, oil and cutting lubricant should be removed. For the bonding of heat resisting parts, it is better to apply the thermoset polyimide adhesive.
  Note:The above Guides for molding and processing of LETIAN PPS resin, reinforced resin and coating are just for reference. The proper adjustments should be made according to the special requirements by customer.

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