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Performance properties of LETIAN PPS
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Performance properties


Heat resisting
LETIAN PPS is one of the thermoplastic engineering plastics with highest usage temperature. Its thermal deformation temperature up to 260℃ and the long run temperature is in the range of 180~220℃, even up to 240℃ for short time.
Chemical Resistance
It is not reported that PPS can be dissolved by one solvent under 200℃. The resistance to organic acid, alkali and salt is excellent.
Electrical Properties
In high temperature, high humidity and high frequency environment, PPS have high volume resistivity, sheet resistivity and breakdown voltage, low dielectric constant and dissipation fraction. PPS is a kind of eminent insulation material. After modified treatment, it can be prepared as high-strength materials with good conductive properties.
Mechanical Properties

High rigidity, surface hardness with good resistance to creep and failure.

Resistance to weather 

Good dimensional stability, low thermal expansion coefficient, creep deformation and water absorption, mold shrinkage. PPS is with good dimensional stability even in high temperature and humidity condition.

Processing properties
PPS is a kind of rigid polymer with high crystallinity. Fast crystalline growth velocity, short molding period, good flowability, easy to mold processing.
Wear resistance
With inorganic filling and carbon fiber, the wear resistance of PPS can be improved greatly.
Flame retard properties
PPS is a kind of self-extinguishing resin with flammability UL 94 V-0.
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