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Introduction of PPS product
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  Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) with structure of , is a kind of aryl sulfide polymer with high crystallinity. It have many characteristics as followings: theoretical density 1.44g/cm, melting point 250-315℃, decomposition temperature up to 480℃, volume resistivity above 1016 Ω.cm, oxygen index above 43, flammability UL 94 V-0, excellent heat resisting and fire retardant and electricity properties. It can be applied in spinning, filming, coating and IC capsulation and mechanical parts by extrude modeling. Reinforced by glass fiber, carbon fiber, crystal whisker or inorganic fillings, the thermal deformation temperature of PPS resin is up to 260℃, and can be used under 220 ℃ for long time. For it is toughness, wear resistant and with density 20-25% of that of stainless steel, PPS is broadly used in varied fields including: aerospace, army, automotive, computer, electron and electric appliance, household appliances, power, machine, chemical industry, light industry and so on.

  LETIAN Corporation can provide resin productions of about 60 grades in 8 serials for structural material, electric appliance, wear-resisting materials, coating materials, film materials, fiber, blending. With high strength, heat resisting, chemical resistance and outstanding molding properties, the LETIAN PPS resin can meet the material requirement of products in high or middle grade for many industry and fields.

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