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PPS coating
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Characteristics of PPS coating
High temperature stability:
Long run under 200-220 ℃, even can be used at 240 ℃for a short time.
Resistance to corrosion:
It is not reported that PPS can be dissolved by any solvent under 200℃. Resistance to common organic acid, alkali and salt is excellent. But the oxidation resistance is a little poor.
Bonding property:
Good bonding ability to common metal materials and inorganic material such as ceramics, cement.
Environment friendly property:
Outstanding properties such as insulation, self-extinguishing, wear-resisting, no-stick and innoxious.

Appliance field of PPS coating:
With good Mechanics of machinery property and resistance to corrosion, PPS coatings are used broadly.
Weapon industry :wave absorption hidden coating of aerocraft and aircraft, anticorrosive coating of ship and submarine, damp-proof coating of sea mine, missile and land mine, and the anticorrosive coating of many gun tube.
Chemical industry:internal and external heat resisting anticorrosive coating of autoclave, holder, pump, pipeline and valve, even mildewproof coating of the building.
Biochemical, pharmaceutic and food industry:heat resisting anticorrosive coating of fermentation tank, holder, microwave oven, baking oven and chain conveyer, even mildewproof coating of the building.
Textiles and light industry: anticorrosive lubricating coating of spinning machine and loom, and the anticorrosive coating of dyeing and paper manufacture machine.
Household appliance:heat resisting anti-sticking coating of microwave oven, no-sticking hollowware and electric iron, easy cleaning coating of smoke extractor.
Petroleum, geology and mine industry:wear resisting anticorrosive coating of drill rod and rust-proof of support equipment.
Communication and power industry:rust-proof and insulation coating for support structure of high-tension transmission line (iron tower, electric pole, cross arm and fastener), anticorrosive and insulation coating of underground and submarine cable.

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